Kai greene steroids

I have to agree that the only valid point is the first one. The other points would be negligible at best and certainly not affect a high level natural bodybuilder. Body builders eat often but not such obscene amounts of food at a time that would make their stomachs protrude chronically. Heavy lifting also just doesn’t make your stomach stick out like these guys either. Maybe genetics could play a roll but I really doubt that too, particularly with the pros. Make no mistake at all, bodybuilders with stomachs like this are on or were HGH and/or insulin injections,.

All IFFB pro are on steroids. I don’t know anybody who thinks you can get as big as Cutler, Coleman, Heath or even the guy placing lasts at the Mr Olympia without the use of steroids. What is the point of this article? And Reeves is from another era where conditioning wasn’t as important. You can get much better results naturally in terms of conditioning than he did. Most natural bodybuilders for instance at the WNBF are more ripped than even Arnold was. But of course when it comes down to size it’s a different issue.

Kai greene steroids

kai greene steroids


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